There is not a guest that visits with us that does not mention the wildlife that they saw during their visit. The cast of characters is indeed impressive - extending from the very large to the very small - whales to hummingbirds. We are extremely fortunate that our animal friends have found a way to coexist with us and they enrich our lives by their presence among us.

Those of us who live here full time recognize some of the individual animals that live near our home and our visitors frequently get to know some of them as well. These animals are not pets, they are wild and we do everything that we can to keep them that way. Fifty percent of our community is undeveloped communal land with plenty of habitat for the wild residents. We ask everybody - resident and visitor - to stay on the trail when they explore so as to give wild creatures their space. When the seals are giving birth we ask that you give them right of way on certain beaches and we ask dog owners to keep their pets on leash.

If you and your children want to see more of these magnificent wild critters while staying with us, we offer a few tips that might usefully be passed along to the younger set. Quiet is better than loud, even and smooth is better that fast and sudden, there are six directions (not just four), nose and ears are as important as eyes. The more that we know about the habits of our wild friends the easier it will be for us to find them. Many of our vacation homes have libraries containing books on the flora and fauna of this region. They make good reading.

For some parents with children who have lived most of their lives in an urban setting, a trip to The Sea Ranch can be a useful and fun learning opportunity. Count the different animals and birds and reptiles and tide pool denizens that you see on your walk. See how many can be correctly identified. Mix in questions about why the ocean is blue and, if it is blue, why is surf white; and why can Raven fly directly into the wind without flapping his wings; and where do seals get water to drink; and how do birds kiss? Dreaming up the questions can be as much fun as finding the answers.


Here is the cast of characters:

Wildlife in The Sea Ranch
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