The northern most part of The Sea Ranch
including units 34B, 35A, 35B, 35C, 35D, 35 E, 39A, 39B
and The Sea Ranch Golf Links .

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to access pictures of each of these beautiful vacation homes.

Troll Frazer-Bond Littoralis Villa Therese Wave Fitzgerald Just Bluffin Maison de Mer Owings-Perdue Sandpiper Torrey Wave Vincent Ama Terrace Cielo e Mar Fitzgerald Just Bluffin map Hawk haven trail to bluff view north Autumn Mist autumn  mist ocean's edge map Gualala Gualala Sea Ranch Golf Links Marbo Ecco Ocean's Edge Sea Star Autumn Mist Surfview Pacific Rim Hein Sweet Sixteen Tallgrass Avalon Heartsong Hawk Haven Hawk Haven to Bluff Driftwood Walk on Beach Beach House Pelican'sRest Crestview


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Junco Foraging

Various species and subspecies of the Junco are found all through North and Central America. Northern birds migrate south in the winter to get away from the cold weather. Here in The Sea Ranch we see this beautiful little bird on the edge of our forests all year long. As you can readily see in this video clip - these sparrow size birds frequently forage on the ground in search of seeds and usually move in short quick spurts of speed in pursuit of insects. The star of this clip is a male. You can tell by the black head.

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