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inquisitive fawn...We want you to enjoy your visit with us here in The Sea Ranch and we know that there are so many choices out there that it is sometimes confusing and difficult to select the one that fits your needs. Budget plays a role as does the number and ages of the folks in your party and the varied interests that are represented in your group. The time of year may be relevant, the activities that you are contemplating while staying with us are definitely pertinent, and what kind of setting in which you wish your vacation home to be located is probably a fundamental consideration. Then too there is the amount of time that you will be able to spend with us.

Fortunately we have a wide variety of different kinds and sizes of homes available in our collection of beautiful vacation retreats. Some are located right on the ocean or just back a bit in the oceanside meadows, while others are situated high up on the hillside or tucked into the edge of the forest that covers the eastern ridge of The Sea Ranch. Each location is unique with it's own micro-climate, its own aviary of birds, and it's own favored set of wild animals. Salt spray to the scent of redwood forest in the morning mist. Pelicans soaring along with the gulls in the wind currents above the bluff to red headed woodpeckers digging in an old snag for grubs or nesting osprey in a tall pine. Everywhere a collection of friendly deer, mischievious racoons, shy cottontail rabbits, brash wild turkeys, nimble foxes, and if you are very lucky you might even get a fleeting glimpse of an occasional bobcat or mountain lion.

Sea Ranch coastlineMany of our homes are of architectural interest and every year we have a number of students who come to visit specifically because of the architecture. Another obvious attraction is the ten miles of coastline with numerous small, very private, and very beautiful beaches with a continuity of giant waves crashing against jagged rock. A third important draw is our effort to live in harmony with nature - to live lightly on the land. Parents bring their children to see the abundant wild life that fortunately has found a way to coexist with the humans that are lucky enough to live here year round. Brides and grooms choose Sea Ranch as the venue for their ceremony or the locale to celebrate it with a quiet honeymoon. Art lovers come to explore the local galleries and attend the art shows put on by our active art community. Photographers enjoy fields of wildflowers while mushroom hunters pursue the rare and exotic. Families gather in one of our larger homes or in two or three of our smaller properties to mark any one of a number of important events in their lives. Scuba-divers explore below while tidepoolers check the surface of the mighty Pacific Ocean. The reasons that people choose to stay with us are varied, but a common denominator seems to be an interest in escaping from the stress of coping with the daily grind.

Sea Ranch inevitably continues to evolve and to change. Over the years, different building concepts have been dominant. In the begining, the homes were very simple, but as the area became more famous the homes gradually became increasingly impressive. This means that today's visitor has a wide choice in home style from a spartan forest cabin to a luxurious abode with all of the modern conveniences. Some of our homes are of a quixotic nature, some are more practical, and some are trend setters. All are unique and a few among us believe that it is very hard to go wrong with any of them, but we aspire to do even better than that - we want to match your vacation home with your interests to ensure that you have the very best holiday possible. We want to serve you so well that we will become friends and you will come back to see us again some time in the future.

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