Highway One from Jenner to The Sea Ranch...

The twenty-nine miles of Highway One from the Mouth of the Russian River at Jenner to The Sea Ranch is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastal highway in America. The two lane road is curvaceous and is not conducive to trying "to make time." Part of the area traversed is open range and livestock will frequently wander blythly out onto the highway. Other parts of the road pass through state park lands where the cattle are replaced by equally inattentive deer. Our advice is to take it easy, enjoy the views and arrive here in The Sea Ranch safe and sound.

Jenner Beach at the Mouth of the Russian River

Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Coast

cows on Highway One

sunset along the way...

PS: The sunsets in this part of North America are fantastic. Pictures are nice, but it is even better if you can get up
close and personal with the sound of the waves accompaning the greatest light show known to man.

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