There are a lot of different kinds of wild animals in The Sea Ranch. Marine animals include Whale, Elephant Seal, Sea Lion, and Harbor Seal as well as a multitude of tide pool creatures. On land we have lost our bear and wild pig, but a host of other wonderful animals live here including Deer, Bobcat, Fox, Raccoon, Rabbit, Skunk, Squirrel, and Chipmunk. Every once in a great while we are visited by Mountain Lion as well. We also include our sheep in this section even though they are not really very wild.


Although we rarely have any serious trouble with our wild friends we do have to remember that they are wild. It is always wise to admire these animals from a safe distance and remember that if provoked or threatened they will fight back. (It is one of the reasons that we ask that all dogs remain on leash.) Many of our wild friends are accustomed to seeing humans and will usually pose for the camera unless you get too close.


Please help our wild friends stay wild.
Do not feed any of the animals you meet in The Sea Ranch.