apple blossums

The Annapolis Winery, owned by the Scalabrini family, has been making wine in their own small vineyard since the 1980s. The family is involved in every phase of the business and they are passionate about making the very best wine possible. They eschew advertising hype as vigorously as they avoid unnatural pesticides. Their vineyard is petite and they do not make a great volume of wine, but what they do make is excellent.

Annapolis Winery

The vineyard and winery occupy a ridge a couple of miles (as the crow flies) behind The Sea Ranch. A large grassy meadow dotted with historic apple trees, as well as some tables and chairs, looks out over the coastal range and makes a lovely setting for an al fresco picnic or a stylish wedding. The Scalabrini family welcome picnickers, so this is an ideal destination for a short exploratory drive during your stay with us at The Sea Ranch. They are open noon to five everyday during the spring, summer, and fall, and by appointment (707-886-5460) during the winter months.

The Annapolis Winery is located off of Annapolis Road
about 7.75 miles east of Highway One. Take the Soda Springs turnoff and
then the first driveway off to the right a few yards past the turnoff - they have a sign.

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